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Steps for Keeping Your Current Job

Keeping your current job isn’t all about having that paycheck. It’s about obtaining the ability to move up in the company so you can gain more experience, have more influence, and increase that paycheck just a little more. If you’re wondering how to keep a job, there are five steps you should follow to do so. Check it out!

Communicate Effectively

There are a lot of workplace issues that can be resolved with effective communication. Jobs are performed more effectively, projects get turned in on time and employees work better together when those lines of communication are open and flowing freely.

If something isn’t going well and you’re worried you’re about to get canned, don’t just hang around waiting for it to happen. Speak with your employer to determine if there’s something you can do to improve the situation. It’s possible there’s a misunderstanding on either end and being the one who initiates a conversation could look really good for you. It shows you care about your job and are willing to do what it takes to keep it.

Finally, don’t be the employee who complains. Sure, there are going to be things that need discussion and improvement, but if you complain about it, you’ll end up making yourself look bad.

Always Be on Time

Have you ever met an employer who was cool with productivity being down because nobody showed up on time? They simply don’t exist. Being on time means showing up when you’re supposed to be there, only taking your allotted time for lunch and breaks, and avoiding using sick leave for reasons that are other than legitimate sickness.

Life happens, so what should you do if you have a real reason for being late? Personal issues sometimes arise, and as a human, your employer will more than likely understand. Make it your initiative to schedule a meeting with your boss so you can explain the situation. Even if it’s a little embarrassing, it’s important your employer has the information needed to sympathize, rather than allowing him or her to think you were just lazy.

Work Well With Others

It’s true that some people are just difficult to get along with. Have you ever considered some people could feel that way about you? Make sure you are the one who works well with others. Even when they’re complicated, make a greater effort to find ways you can get along. Practice patience, humility, and understanding so other employees know they can turn to you when they need someone to work with. This will show your employer you’re a team player and willing to make even the most difficult situations work.

Be Honest

One of the most common reasons for firing an employee is dishonesty. Lying about a job or about the hours you worked could lead to a quick-firing. If you work with cash and are found to have taken money from the till most employers won’t give you a second chance. If you work at a job where you take tips, and you take more than the customer agreed to, it’s generally considered an even more serious offense, and your boss will probably say “goodbye” to you immediately.

Instead, conduct yourself with honesty in everything you do. If you make an honest mistake, own up to it and make sure you do everything possible to make restitution.

Be Positive

Positivity is contagious and it makes other employees want to spend time around you. Whether you love your job or hate your job, your attitude is your choice. Choose to remain positive no matter what is going on at work. If something is happening at home, don’t bring it to the workplace.

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If you’re not thrilled about your job, it’s best to hang on to it until you find a new job to replace it. Effective communication, being on time, working well with others, being honest, and being positive are just a few ways you can hold on to job security while you are on the search for something new. Contact Berkshire Jobs today to learn more or to register for a job search.

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