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Our subscription plans were built to fit your individual hiring needs. Bundle and save to take full advantage of the power of Advertise your new job to thousands of qualified candidates in just a few clicks.


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All your applicants in one place, helping you quickly identify your short list of qualified candidates you can contact immediately.


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We are not a national job site that doesn't answer the phone when you call. We are local (based in North Adams, MA) and are here to talk you through the process of finding job candidates to fill your position.

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Why Use This Site?

Most employers find that their biggest business challenge isn't accounting,
marketing, sales, or production. It's finding and attracting the right talent.

Not only do you need people with the correct mix of skills, enthusiasm, and experience to do the job, you also need employees who will fit in with your company. People with the right attitude, who can work effectively in your unique corporate environment. And that's a tall order.

With, you're able to reach potential candidates whom you'd never otherwise find. And you can do so more quickly, effectively, and with a lower cost-per-hire than traditional recruiting methods.

When you sign up for, top-notch resumes are delivered straight to your inbox. You can also search our powerful resume database, day or night.

Our tiered participation structure means that will work for you whatever your size, budget, or needs.

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A cost effective alternative or enhancement to your current recruiting practices, can offer you more for less with the following features and capability

  Easy job posting process with unlimited text
  Ask up to 3 Pre-Screening job filter questions
  Public and private job posting capabilities
  Capability to update or edit information at anytime
  Inbox email notifications of new resumes
  Access account and respond to applicants online at anytime
  Resume search & save capabilities
  Job posting expiration reminders
  Additional employer resources including templates for applicant letters, and sample interview questions
Upgrade from standard posting & premier
your company all year-round with
  Company logo
  Featured Employer status (varies bronze/silver/gold investment)
  Unlimited number of job postings (varies bronze/silver/gold investment)
  Advertising on at discounted price

Your participation on this site will not only increase job applicants for your company, it will
educate current and future job seekers about what you can offer as a employer.