Employers FAQ’s

  1. What area does BerkshireJobs.com cover?
    We cover all of Berkshire County and surrounding communities and border states. 

  2. If I purchase a job posting will it become recurring?
    NO, your 1 job purchase will expire after 30 days; and a 3-Job pack purchase allows you to post 3 30 day postings over a period of 60 days from when it was purchased.

  3. How can I stop unqualified job seekers from applying to my job?
    We offer a place on your posting for you to ask up to 3 pre-screening questions. For example: Do you have a valid drivers licence? If the job seeker answers “no”, they cannot continue to apply. 

  4. What if I purchase a 1 job pack and would like another job post before the expiration date?
    At this time, please give us a call at 413-663-3384 to set up additional job postings if you have an active posting.   

  5. HELP! My login isn’t working. 
    Please confirm you are under “Employer Login”.  Please also be sure you are logging in using your username rather than email address. If it still doesn’t work, you can try “Forgot Password” and if still having trouble, please call us or email info@berkshirejobs.com.  


Job Seeker FAQ’s

  1. How can I be sure the employer received my resume?
    When signed into your account, click on “Jobs applied for” you will see every job you successfully applied for.  If the job listing requires you to apply through the BerkshireJobs.com site by completing the online tool, then YES, you will see when an employer views your resume.  If you upload a PDF or apply through the employer’s website, then NO, you won’t know exactly when your information was viewed.  

  2. Can my current employer see my resume?
    Yes, your resume is visible to any employer who is actively using BerkshireJobs.com. You may change this by going to the bottom of your resume and click: “hide my contact info” and you may also click to hide your Resume from employer searches. This means if an employer searches our resume database; your resume will not show up, but if you apply for a job that employer will be able to see your resume 

  3. How do I stop the “Job alerts” I keep getting in my email?
    Make sure you are in “My Profile” roll your cursor over “JOB SEEKER” in the drop down click on “Add Job Alerts” now unclick any Job Alerts you requested then click “SUBMIT” at the bottom.

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