360Berkshire Realty Group

360Berkshire Realty Group coordinates commercial and residential properties' buying, selling, and leasing. We maintain a close working relationship with other area agents and monitor local real estate trends to assist clients in establishing competitive and fair transaction prices. We value honesty, integrity, and above all, people. We are local, knowledgeable, and understand the ever-changing Berkshire market. We know that real estate is about more than location and price. The purchase and sale of real estate is a life-changing decision with both emotional and financial impacts. Our agents are responsible for guiding clients through this transition and take pride in providing them with a holistic experience. Our team members listen to client needs, discuss options, and maintain consistent professional communication throughout the process. Our goal is a diverse workforce that is representative of the clients we serve. 360Berkshire Realty Group is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from all persons.

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