Fourth Grade Teacher


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Pine Cobble School
163 Gale Road


Company Description:
Pine Cobble School is an independent day
school serving students from Nursery through
8th grade located in Williamstown, MA.

Fourth Grade Teacher
Full Time
Bachelor's Degree

Pine Cobble is seeking a compassionate, dynamic, and thoughtful educator to become the school’s next 4th Grade lead teacher.

This job is for you if:

• You have a lifelong passion for learning and want to cultivate that in your students. Fourth grade is an age where cognitive development is such that childhood imagination is at its apex and you want to take full advantage by creating a classroom that nurtures curiosity, builds creativity, and celebrates the wild journey from 9 to 10.

• You know how to foster a sense of self worth in your students. You understand that fourth grade is hard. Hard work and good habits must be developed by students, and that development is aided by patience, purpose, and day-in/day-out passion on the part of a teacher.

• You believe in community. You know that a good education requires many partners working together constructively. You’re eager to collaborate and learn from colleagues, parents and students on the journey from student to teacher and back again.

• You work toward inclusion, equity and justice in your classroom. You are familiar with and leverage inclusive pedagogical practices and think about how you meaningfully engage all students in the classroom. You are committed to literature in all your classes from authors of diverse backgrounds and thoughtful messages because literature and class discussion offer opportunities to examine biases and marginalization. You’re ready and willingly cover topics of race, racism, culture, personal identity, and more.

• You have ideas for learning in and from the natural world. Pine Cobble School has a stunning campus with fields, a frog pond, garden, old-growth trees, and even a Tiffany fountain. You’re brimming with ideas for how to use this campus in classroom activities.

If this sounds like you - please submit a cover letter, resume, statement of educational philosophy, and three references to Sue Wells at, by August 9, 2021.

Pine Cobble offers an outstanding education, while actively fostering creativity, curiosity, hard work, integrity, community, and laughter. Candidates who are committed to equity and justice in their work are especially encouraged to apply. Pine Cobble School prioritizes amplifying historically marginalized voices in the classroom, ensuring that all intellectual inquiry both reflects and promotes broad perspectives and cultures; candidates who are committed to equity and justice are especially encouraged to apply. Pine Cobble School does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or any other such characteristics.

Pine Cobble School is an independent day school, Pre-K through 8, in Williamstown, Massachusetts. We offer an outstanding education, and we actively foster creativity, curiosity, hard work, community, and laughter.