Bus Monitor/Teacher Assistant


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Berkshire County Head Start
1 Meadow Lane

Website: berkhs.org/

Company Description:
Berkshire County Head Start is a non-profit organization that provides early childhood education and care. Our organization offers a half-day pre-school program in 6 sites throughout Berkshire County. In North Adams, Pittsfield and Great Barrington we also provide full-day child care services for families while they work, go to school, or look for employment.

Additional Business Name: Berkshire County Head Start

Bus Monitor/Teacher Assistant
To Commensurate With Experience
North Adams, Pittsfield, Lee
Full Time
High School or Equivalent

The Bus Monitor/Teacher Assistant’s purpose is to interact with children and observe and communicate to ensure a positive experience for children on the bus and in the classroom. This position will have a keen understanding of Head Start learning, safety, and socialization objectives and will support teachers, bus drivers, and transportation assistants in providing safe learning environments. The Bus Monitor/Teacher Assistant works with teachers and, while transporting children, is encouraged to lead children in activities that can extend and reinforce classroom learning. This position also works with the Transportation Supervisor in order to model and teach safe riding, boarding, and exiting practices. The Bus Monitor/Teacher Assistant handles discipline while the bus is in motion and follows reporting procedures according to the Office of Head Start (OHS) and Berkshire County Head Start (BCHS) polices and requirements; this position also supports and assists classroom teachers in guiding and managing children.

The Bus Monitor/Teacher Assistant must have skills and abilities to work with children and parents, have basic writing skills to complete reports, and have knowledge of Head Start transportation and childcare/school readiness services. The person filling this position will be required to speak English and be familiar with the language and community where children and their families live.

The Bus Monitor/Teacher Assistant may be required to act in the role of a teacher if there is no bus service available or if the position carries over into the classroom for all or part of a day. The responsibilities extended to this role will be based on the certification level of the Bus Monitor/Teacher Assistant and will be reviewed and agreed upon, in writing.

The Bus Monitor/Teacher Assistant demonstrates professionalism in all interactions and is engaged and enthusiastic in contributing to the fulfillment of BCHS’s mission, vision, and values.

Essential Duties
Guiding and Interacting with children
• Interacts with children in a warm, nurturing manner and provides teachable moments on the bus and in the classroom to support learning and safety education curriculum and practices.
• Responsible for behavior management on the bus, and for supporting behavior management in the classroom.

Observation, Assessment, and Documentation
• Conducts regular child attendance checks at bus boarding, during the bus ride, and upon exit; assists with attendance and other required checks in the classroom. Completes required attendance forms and follows procedures according to program policies.
• Maintains accurate and complete records in accordance with all federal, state, and local requirements.
• If necessary, supports implementation of corrective action plans; assists with the tracking and documentation of progress.

Regulations, Requirements & Policies
• Complies with policies and procedures ensuring the safeguarding of confidential, personally identifying and/or sensitive staff, children, and family information.
• Follows all BCHS Safety and Supervision and Positive Guidance Policies when managing children’s behavior in any setting.
• Ensures children are released to only an authorized adult according to the BCHS Release Policy

Health & Safety
• Acts as lead staff in carrying out Emergency Bus Procedures when necessary; assists in fire and safety drills and maintaining a safe, healthy environment in the classroom.
• Installs and removes child safety restraints in bus daily. Responsible for securing children in safety seats before the bus is moving. Maintains child safety restraints and reports any malfunctions or equipment issues.
• Models and teaches safety procedures for children boarding and exiting the bus; models and teaches any safety and health procedures in the classroom according to all policies and requirements.

• Communicates respectfully and skillfully with parents, children, and staff.
• Goes the extra mile in assisting substitute teachers and bus drivers, helping with procedures, directions, location of items and materials, etc.
• Is a willing participant in professional development and training when required; personally seeks to increase knowledge and skills on a regular basis.
• Models organizational values and is an enthusiastic and engaged team member

Knowledge & Skills
• Knowledge of Head Start program requirements and best practices
• Ability to communicate with children and parents
• Possess basic writing skills to fill out reports
• Ability to learn and quickly apply knowledge obtained in safety, compliance, and early learning training

*Reliability: Is utterly reliable, always delivering on promises and maintaining the highest standards of quality
*Integrity: Demonstrates highest standards of integrity, honesty and openness
*Enthusiasm & Engagement: Is fully engaged with the organization's values and goals. Is an enthusiastic ambassador for the organization in areas of influence.
*Teamwork/Building: Participates in team activities that promote effective peer and work relationships. Contributes to a culture of accountability and teamwork with co-workers and leadership.
*BC’s Core Values
Organizational Relations: The degree to which the employee collaboratively works with other internal departments, agencies, and/or outside organizations. The level of response to internal and external requests.
Job Knowledge: The depth and breadth of know-how to perform essential duties and functions of the job. The level of compliance with degree, certification, and training requirements. Understanding of how individual job performance furthers organizational objectives. Willingness to update and expand skills, knowledge, and training.
Safety: The degree to which safety standards and procedures are followed and accidents are avoided. The level of demonstrated emphasis on creating and maintaining a safe environment.
Equipment Maintenance & Usage: The degree to which one complies with proper use, maintenance, and record keeping of equipment.
Problem Solving: The ability to predict, recognize, and define problems. Skill in generating, selecting, and implementing timely and meaningful solutions.
Communication: The ability to effectively communicate with others, both verbally and in writing; the ability to listen and effectively respond. The use of proper written and grammatical skills, and the meaningful application of relevant computer technology.

Physical Requirements
• Able to lift 50 lbs. or more
• Consistently must be able to climb stairs, balance, stoop, lift the child safety seats, complete grasping activities, and twist. Must be able to visually monitor the space.
• Frequently must be able to kneel, crouch, reach below the knees, reach waist to shoulder, push, pull, and twist at the wrist.
• At times must be able to crawl and reach above the shoulders
Sensory Requirement:
Tasks require manual dexterity. Tasks require visual and hearing acuity. Tasks may involve identifying and distinguishing colors. Tasks require oral communications ability.
EEO/AAP Statement
Berkshire County Head Start is committed to providing equal employment opportunity to all individuals regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by state, federal, or local law.

ADAAA Statement
Berkshire County Head Start is committed to hiring and providing continued employment to qualified candidates and employees and encourages both prospective and current employees to discuss potential accommodations with the employer. An individual with a disability is qualified if he or she satisfies the skills, experience, and other job-related requirements for a position; and can perform the essential functions of the position, with or without reasonable accommodations.

This job description does not constitute an employment agreement between Berkshire County Head Start and the employee and is subject to change by Berkshire County Head Start as the needs of the organization and requirements of the job change.

High School Diploma or GED.

Minimum of one (1) year experience in working with young children

Licenses or other required Certifications
CPR/First Aid Certification
CDA credential or a state-awarded EEC certificate that meets or exceeds the requirements for a CDA credential, or enrolled in a program that will lead to an associate or baccalaureate degree or, enrolled in a CDA credential program to be completed within two years of the time of hire (reference: section 648A(a)(2)(B)(ii) of the Head Start Act)

Other requirements:
Candidates must:
Pass alcohol and drug screening
Must pass a physical examination and be able to physically assist children, some of whom may need to be carried from a vehicle in case of an emergency (45 CFR 1310.16(a)(2).
Pass a tuberculosis (TB) test (45 CFR 1304.52(i)(1).
Pass a Criminal and Background Check (45 CFR 1301.31(b)(1)(iii).
Pass a Child Abuse Clearance (45 CFR 1301.31(b)(2).
Be at least 18 years old

Preferred requirements
Associates or higher degree from an accredited institution* in early childhood education or related field. Bilingual in English/Spanish.

*Listed in the US Department of Education’s Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs

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