Job: HEALing Communities Community Coordinator

Northern Berkshire Community Coalition
61 Main Street
Suite 218
North Adams, MA 01247


Company Description:
The mission of the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition is "Empowering the Northern Berkshire region to enhance the quality of life through our efforts at connecting, convening, and supporting all facets of the community." For the past 33 years the nbCC has brought people together and worked with the community to create programs that address local issues.

Job Title:
HEALing Communities Community Coordinator
Salary Range:Location:
Per Year North Adams
Job Type:Category:
Temporary- Full TimeHuman Services
Education Level:Work Experience:
Public health, social work, community health, or similar field. - Preference: Required
<p><strong><span>This is an 18 month, full time position with the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition.</span></strong></p><p><strong><span>Role Expectations</span></strong></p><p><span>The Community Coordinator role focuses on 1) coalition building, coordination, and stakeholder engagement 2) Data and Monitoring 3) Communications and 4) Fiscal responsibilities. <br />The Community Coordinator will also attend HCS meetings on an as-needed basis. </span></p><p><strong><span>Coalition Building, Coordination, and Stakeholder Engagement </span></strong></p><ul><li><span>Collaborate with the HCS CEF on coalition building, stakeholder engagement, agenda development, training needs, planning, and other coalition-related tasks as needed.<strong></strong></span></li><li><span>Serve as the organizer of the HCS designated community coalition and partner closely with the HCS CEF (hired by BMC). <strong></strong></span></li><li><span>Work in partnership with the CEF to facilitate the designated coalition to develop a coalition charter and meet expectations set by both the charter and the CTH intervention (provided by HCS).</span></li><li><span>Collaborate with the HCS CEF on coalition building, stakeholder engagement, agenda development, training needs, planning, and other coalition-related tasks as needed.<strong></strong></span></li><li><span>Help to identify a diverse and representative set of key stakeholders to serve on the HCS designated coalition, including content area champions related to naloxone, medications for opioid use disorder, opioid prescription safety, data, and communications.<strong></strong></span></li><li><span>Work with CEF to schedule meetings</span> <span>and convene local and regional stakeholders to populate the HCS designated coalition as frequently as necessary to achieve CTH milestones.<strong></strong></span></li><li><span>Support HCS designated coalition through the six phases of the CTH intervention which culminates in the development and implementation of a community action plan to adopt and expand evidence-based OUD practices.<strong></strong></span></li><li><span>Co-facilitate coalition meetings based on the phases of the CTH intervention, including a needs assessment, selection of evidence-based practices, monitoring/evaluation, and shaping local communications campaigns.</span></li><li><span>Work with coalition partners to create plans to promote sustainability of coalition activities.</span></li><li><span>Work with the HCS CEF to address training, technical assistance, and capacity building requests by the designated coalition.</span></li><li><span>Work constructively with a diverse group of key stakeholders, including community leaders, addiction treatment providers, law enforcement, medical and mental health providers, and recovery programs,</span></li><li><span>Engage the HCS anchor agency (a designated community health clinic) to support expansion of access to medications for opioid use disorder treatment and other evidence-based practices in accordance with the community action plan.</span></li></ul><p><strong><span>Data and Monitoring</span></strong></p><ul><li><span>Support Community Data Manager (CDM) in enabling a culture of data-driven decision making in selection and improvement of EBPs</span></li><li><span>Assist the HCS to coordinate data collection activities, including surveys, focus groups, and key informant interviews as necessary</span></li><li><span>Assist in facilitating data collection as it pertains to ORCCA objectives for the chosen intervention strategies </span></li><li><span>Assist CDM with executing plan to monitor the implementation of the action plan</span></li><li>Participate in or take a lead on other data and monitoring activities based on community team and coalition needs</li><li>Maintain a proactive <span>role in the monitoring of selected interventions</span></li><li><span>Continue to work closely with the CEF, CDM, Community Faculty (CF), and subgroups on monitoring the implementation of the action plan between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023 (end of wave 2)</span></li><li>Serve as a liaison between your community and the HCS research team to provide community insight, identify local data sources and potential coalition members, facilitate connections between the HCS community teams and organizations, local officials, and others that serve residents of your community.</li></ul><p><span>&nbsp;</span></p><p><strong><span>Communications</span></strong></p><ul><li><span>Partner with the CEF and Communications Champion to prepare and disseminate information to coalition, regional partners and the public to promote a better understanding of the goals of the grant and the interventions identified by the coalition.</span></li><li><span>Liaise with the HCS Communications Core, identify coalition members and partners to execute communications efforts, develop a dissemination plan, and interface with media outlets.</span></li></ul><p><strong><span>Fiscal Responsibilities</span></strong></p><ul><li><span>Work with the HCS personnel to monitor local study-related budgets and funding, as appropriate.</span></li><li><span>Assist the fiscal agent in costing interventions, and work with coalition to streamline intervention reimbursement process</span></li><li><span>Revise the Action Plan with CEF as needed to reflect allocated funds and strategies</span></li></ul>
<ul><li><span>Flexibility and willingness to work as part of a collaborative team with the Community Engagement Facilitator</span></li><li><span>Local expertise, relationships, and knowledge of community history and dynamics. Preference for local residents</span></li><li><span>Strong meeting planning, scheduling, and facilitation skills</span></li><li><span>Experience building and coordinating coalitions of diverse stakeholders</span></li><li><span>Capable of communicating among many partners in organized and clear manner</span></li><li><span>Strong writing and public speaking skills</span></li><li><span>Alignment with cultural humility and the tenets of harm reduction</span></li><li><span>Experience with research and/or working to address opioid use disorders a plus</span></li><li><span> </span><span>Professional training in public health, social work, community health, or similar field in human services; OR equivalent years of experience and service</span></li><li><span> </span><span>Multilingual skills highly recommended</span><span></span></li></ul>