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Hoosac Valley Regional School District
191 Church Street


To Commensurate With Experience
Full Time
Bachelor's Degree

Computer Technology and Communication teachers work in schools where they conduct lessons in a classroom or computer laboratory setting.  Major elements of the job include introducing basic computer, keyboard and Internet skills; teaching students how to use design applications and to develop technological solutions to problems;  assigning projects so that students learn to deal with real-world constraints, such as time and materials; allowing students to unravel technological problems using a hands-on, trial-and-error approach; encouraging creative thinking with challenging classroom projects; and helping students connect math, science, english and technological principles to everyday life. 

Participates in professional development, maintains appropriate certifications and qualifications and keeps current in changing pedagogy;   Teaches district-approved curriculum, as well as local and state standards, using contemporary thinking around best-practices and program-specific objectives;  Participates in district and school initiatives, adheres to building and district school improvement plans; Encourages students to set and maintain high standards of classroom behavior; identifies and responds to the learning style of all students;  differentiated instruction to accommodate these styles;  evaluates the academic and social growth of students, keeps appropriate records and prepares progress reports.  Uses academic outcome information to inform curriculum and instructional decisions for all students;  Acts as a public relations agent for the success and image of the district and builds projects into the curriculum to promote HVES;  Communicates regularly with students, parents, families and administration in advocacy of student growth;  Develops communication plans that adjust for varying levels of parent involvement and inclusion.

Provide quality education for students in computer technology and Mass. Communications;  Possess a working knowledge of Google Classroom, Schoology, Zoom and other educational software, utilizing a MAC in a networked environment to utilize the internet and other electronic communications mechanisms;  Ability to integrate technology into the everyday work flow is necessary;  Ability to utilize district technology and work to maintain proficients, as required skill sets change with technology and/or the needs of the District;  Ability to use computer technology for research, data management, communications and other instruction.

Qualifications:   Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution;  Holds a valid Massachusetts Teaching License Grades PreK-3; and Holds a valid Massachusetts SEI Endorsement.