Deputy Superintendent


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Pittsfield Public Schools
269 First St


Company Description:
The Pittsfield Public Schools is an equal
opportunity employer, and does not discriminate
on the basis of race, color, religious creed,
national origin, age, sex, or sexual

Deputy Superintendent
$119,000-$127,500 Per Year
Full Time
Master's Degree
MA DESE Certification
The Deputy Superintendent is the immediate superior of principals of schools and administrators of other operating units. The Deputy Superintendent is in charge of the operation of the schools and units and is also the immediate superior of the Director of Curriculum, in conjunction with and through whom the Deputy Superintendent exercises supervisory, coordinative, developmental, evaluative, and supportive services with respect to instruction, curriculum, and the development of relevant pedagogies in the public schools. The Deputy Superintendent of Schools is second in command in the school system and automatically assumes the authority and responsibility of the Superintendent in the Superintendent’s absence.
PRINCIPAL DUTIES: The duties of the Deputy Superintendent of Schools include those set forth below, without exclusion of others as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools, within the framework of the organizational plan of the public schools.
Helping the principals and directors to develop their leadership role including in the development and implementation of an equity framework.
Managing goal setting by schools and needs assessment by schools in sequence to the system-wide goal setting program and the system-wide needs assessment program.
Arranging for each principal and director to prepare an annual set of objectives for the school or program.
Evaluating the performance of the principals and directors on the basis of realization of objectives and discharge of responsibilities.
Providing principals and directors with opportunities for decision-making in their schools and operating units and for the development of their semi autonomous status.
Supplying information to the Director of Human Resources, Diversity, and Inclusion on the recruitment and retention of new personnel in gender and racial categories and arranging for the principals and directors to be involved in this process.
Consulting with teachers and administrators who need help on problems of teacher evaluation and development of teaching competencies.
Arranging for placement, orientation and monitoring the assignment of newly appointed and transferred teachers in association with the principals and directors.
Coordinating the preparation, use, evaluation, and revision of instruments and procedures for the evaluation of professional staff.
Conducting or arranging ongoing professional learning for principals and administrators.
Administering the program of evaluation of teachers and other professional staff members evaluated by principals and directors, and being the designated recipient of such evaluation.
Monitoring the orientation, assignment, and evaluation of substitute and student teachers.
Aiding in developing and supervising the operation of federally funded programs.
Monitoring report card marking practices, rank-in-class formulas, and promotion policies, and arranging for studies thereon and revisions.
Directing the development of alternate and experimental ways of grouping students and organizing staff in schools.
Coordinating the continuing study of staffing needs as a basis for projecting personnel requirements.
Monitoring the operation of school libraries and recommending measures to meet identified needs.
Monitoring the use of instructional technology and recommending staff and student equipment to meet identified needs.
Monitoring the administration of student discipline following the Code of Conduct, Character, and Support.
Monitoring orientation of students regarding students' rights, responsibilities, and regulations.
Monitoring the involvement of parents and guardians in school matters through Parent Advisory Councils, School Councils, Parent Teacher Organizations, volunteering, and other ways.
Recommending plant modifications needed for better school operation.
Analyzing the implications of school district population and enrollment data and preparing recommendations on school organization and school building needs.
Coordinating the preparation of educational specifications and equipment lists for new schools, additions, or major renovations.
Monitoring the administration of programs of athletics and other extracurricular activities.
Monitoring the administration of adult education.
Coordinating the fulfillment by principals and directors of their responsibilities in the budget process.
Holding meetings of principals and administrators on a regularly scheduled basis and on call and providing agenda time to those who need to make presentations at such meetings.
Processing home education proposals and out-of-district transfer requests.
Serving as the hearings officer with regard to conducting disciplinary hearings and suspension appeal hearings at the request of the principal and parents respectively.
Investigating parental complaints.
In conjunction with the Director of Curriculum, the duties of the Deputy Superintendent of Schools shall include the following the following:
Managing the program of course assessment.
Recommending the reordering priorities in curriculum and instruction as a result of evaluating existing programs and assessing future needs.
Organizing, administering, evaluating, and revising programs of in-service training.
Coordinating efforts toward articulation of curriculum and instruction at the several grade levels.
Coordinating the program of preparing proposals for new courses.
Encouraging and coordinating the development, introduction, evaluation, and dissemination of new curriculum content and instructional methods.
Directing or coordinating the production of curriculum and instructional materials, including statements of instructional objectives, teachers' guides and resource materials, and locally produced textbooks.
Correlating curriculum development and instructional change to ensure culturally-relevant pedagogies, practices and programs that result in an effective and welcoming environment and equitable student success..
Coordinating the program of selection of instructional materials, including textbooks, supplies, multimedia materials, and equipment.
Coordinating the program of adoption of textbooks.
Submitting proposals on school year and summer professional learning involving curriculum or instructional teams.
Encouraging the involvement of students and lay citizens in curriculum development.
Monitoring relations of curriculum coordinators and district directors with principals.
Aiding in developing curriculum and instructional changes to support organizational changes.
Holding meetings of curriculum coordinators and district directors on a regularly scheduled basis and on call and providing agenda time to those who need to make presentations at such meetings.
Coordinating the fulfillment by curriculum coordinators and district directors of their responsibilities in the budget process.
Reporting to the Superintendent of Schools in person as directed by the Superintendent.
Functioning as a member of the Superintendent's cabinet.
Functioning in a cooperative relationship with other members of the Superintendent's cabinet.
Meeting with another member of the Cabinet at the request of either on matters requiring consultation.
Serving as the immediate superior and evaluator of principals and directors.
Interacting with instructional staff individually or in groups regarding matters that are not resolvable at the building or program level.
Channeling through the Superintendent all reports, recommendations, and documents requested by the School Committee or authorized by the Superintendent.
Appearing personally before the School Committee on matters related to his/her responsibilities when requested to do so by the School Committee or the Superintendent.
Evaluations will take place annually by the Superintendent of Schools in accordance with the Massachusetts Educator Evaluation System.

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