Water and Sewer System Operator


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Williamstown Public Works
675 Simonds road


Company Description:
Public Works

Water and Sewer System Operator
23.54 to 25.80 Per Hour
Full Time
High School or Equivalent
Commercial Drivers License, Class B, Hoisting grade 2B - Preference: Required

The Town of Williamstown is seeking applications for the position of a full time Water and Sewer System Operator. This position requires the maintenance, repair and constuction relative to the municipal water distribution  and sanitary sewer collection systems. The successful applicant will work under the supervision of the Department Superintendent and or Supervisor, perform duties in accordance to established procedures and requiring some independent judgement. Work is  associated with the repair and installation of water and sewer infastructure. Operation requires the use of tapping machines, rodders, jack hammers, pipe cutters, pumps and other related tools. The position requires routine contact and courteous behavior with the customer base and employees.

This position provides a very competitive benifit package.

The position requires the possession of a class B Commercial Drivers License and a grade 2B Hoisting License. 

Required to respond to emergencies behond standard working hours . Periodically scheduled to work nights or weekends. 

Requires future training and licensing at employer expense.

Periodically required to assist other Public Works Departments.