Leased Housing Program Manager


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Pittsfield Housing Authority
65 Columbus Ave. Suite 1


Company Description:
Serving the the city of Pittsfield in the Berkshire mountains of Western Massachusetts, the Pittsfield Housing Authority (PHA) is established to provide the community with fair equal housing opportunities. For over 60 years the PHA has helped families and individuals obtain housing.

Additional Business Name: Pittsfield Housing Authority

Leased Housing Program Manager
Per Year
Full Time
Government/Public Service
Bachelor's Degree

Function:  The position of Leased Housing Program Manager is the senior administrative position for all activities related to the Section 8 Voucher Programs and Massachusetts’s Rental Assistance Program.  The incumbent oversees all administrative activities associated with the day-to-day program management.


Supervision:   The Leased Housing Program Manager reports directly to the Executive Director.  Within the Leased Housing unit, the incumbent supervises the Section 8 Program Specialist.  From time to time, supplemental clerical staff may be assigned to the unit, and the Manager oversees their efforts.

 Essential Job Duties:

  • Handles a limited caseload of program participants ranging from 150 to 250 cases.
  • Makes final determination of whether prospective program participants and new landlords meet program standards for participation.
  • Tracks SEMAP indicators on a monthly basis and prepares annual SEMAP submission.
  • Monitors regulatory changes in HUD’s Section 8 Programs and related requirements to assure that the Authority’s Section 8 Administrative Plan is current with all program requirements.
  • Reviews CORI Information.
  • Monitors all Leasing Schedules.
  • Coordinates with the Application Manager to assure that an adequate queue of eligible leased housing program applicants are on the Waiting List.
  • Monitors the caseload for the Section 8 Program staff and assigns and re-assigns specific cases, as needed, to balance caseload.
  • Investigates cases of alleged program fraud or criminal activity and recommends appropriate actions to the Executive Office.
  • Makes recommendations to the Executive Office for program termination of household and landlords who fail to comply with program requirements.
  • Coordinates with other Housing Authorities on “incoming” and “outgoing” (portability) Vouchers and serves as primary point of contact on portability issues.
  • Conducts initial briefing and Annual Recertification’s for all Section 8 “incoming” Vouchers.
  • Monitors all eviction proceedings involving program participants.
  • Reviews and approves all requests for extensions to the initial housing search period by voucher holders.
  • Updates on a periodic basic information required for determination of rent reasonableness.
  • Updates utility allowance schedules.
  • Reviews and approves all rent changes (amended HAP Contracts) performed by the Section 8 Program Representatives.
  • Prepares all correspondence to the HUD Area Office for waivers, exception rents, and emergency placements.
  • Attends meetings with landlords, community groups and other groups as a representative of the Authority.
  • Develops and implements outreach activities to local landlords to promote participation in Section 8 Program.
  • At the request of the Executive Director, works on applications (NOFAs) for new Section 8 program resources such annual allocations of Section 8 Vouchers or special set-asides of Vouchers.
  • Prepares or assists in the preparation of grant applications.
  • Administers the implementation of any Section 8 Project-based Voucher Programs as necessary.
  • Trains new Section 8 staff on program procedures.
  • Conduct program briefings and provides assistance on methods for housing searches.
  • Receives and reviews Request for Lease Approval.
  • Informs Inspector of monthly inspection requirements for HQS Inspection. Inspector schedules appointments and provides schedule to Leased Housing.
  • Negotiates lease terms on behalf of applicant and applies rent reasonableness test.
  • Serves as single point of contact for all landlords problems that cannot be resolved using standard operating procedures.
  • Prepares all HAP and Voucher payments for monthly check run.
  • Monitors “outgoing” and “incoming” Section 8 certificates and vouchers and prepares subsidy reimbursements (outgoing) or requisitions (incoming) for other Authorities.
  • Authorizes adjustments to rent and subsidy and reconciles rent changes with monthly payments.
  • Coordinates with the Director of Program Administration and Fee Accountant on all Leased Housing financial management issues.

 Secondary Job Duties:

  • Requests and reviews file folders from Applications Manager and contacts applicants for the Section 8 Program as Vouchers become available to set-up appointments for a Program briefing. Now Go-Section 8 online Program.
  • Prepares Subsidy Contracts (HAP and MRVP) and arranges for their execution in conformance with program requirements.
  • Monitors Household demographics and updates existing data-base.
  • Provides Technical Assistance to Landlords and program participants on Fair Housing requirements.

Performance Criteria:

The Leased Housing Program Manager is a very responsible position that requires an ability to supervise staff and provide quality control on their work.  Performance will be evaluated on promptness in meeting rent-up schedules and avoidance of compliance findings by HUD or other auditing entities.  Ability to develop and revise Section 8 or MRVP procedures in a manner that balances simplicity and effectiveness will be valued.  Lack of substantial complaints from Landlord and Program Participants is a consideration.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Knowledge of HUD and DHCD program regulations for leased housing programs.
  • Effective written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to meet operational deadlines and schedule supervised activities to meet departmental goals.
  • Prior work or other experience that demonstrates initiative and problem solving skills that anticipate requirements.
  • Computer skills including knowledge of Windows, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Office Suite products.
  • Ability to mediate dispute between landlords and program participants.
  • Ability to work with individuals of diverse incomes, races and ethnic groups in a professional manner.
  • Knowledge of State Sanitary Code and related requirements such as fire safety and hazardous materials (e.g. lead paint).
  • Knowledge of basic tenant\landlord law.
  • Ability to assemble and analyze factual information for the purpose of developing proposed courses of actions and comprehensive solutions to program related issues.
  • Bilingualism in Spanish, preferred but not mandatory.

Experience and Education:

Bachelor Degree with a concentration in social sciences, public administration, social work or a related field and knowledge of housing subsidy programs; or

 Three to five years’ work experience with education, job training or social services programs whose core participants are low-income individuals.

Salary:  Determined in accordance with the PHA’s annual budget as approved by the PHA Board of Commissioners.

**Resumes will be accepted until 4 p.m. Friday, December 17, 2021***

**Resumes will be accepted the following ways**

1. Email

2. Mail  Pittsfield Housing Authority/65 Columbus Ave , Suite 1/Pittsfield, MA 01201