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Bart Charter Public School
1 Commercial Street
ADAMS, MA 01220


Company Description:
Berkshire Arts & Technology Charter Public School (“BART”) is a nationally recognized, award-winning, college-preparatory, public middle and high school located in Adams, Massachusetts. As the only charter school in Berkshire County, it is consistently ranked among the top schools in Massachusetts for student academic achievement and growth.
Committed to its mission to prepare its students for college and a lifetime of learning, BART is a community of 363 curious and creative students, devoted and innovative teachers and staff members, and families dedicated to the success of their children. The student body is richly diverse, each member with an important personal story. The School is built around a makerspace, and its academic program comprises an intense academic core curriculum enriched by ample elective courses in the arts and technology as well as opportunities for students to pursue independent creative and scholarly projects. Before they graduate, BART students must pass courses on college campuses, take and pass collegiate-skills courses each year, complete an internship within the region, and participate in a rigorous program of mock interviews, portfolio presentations, and annual science fairs.
The success enjoyed by BART’s students and the School as a whole results from a school culture characterized by the pursuit of excellence and based on a set of foundational elements:
A liberating, college-preparatory, academic environment that provides for students and employees alike intellectual challenge, professional development and exploration, and personal growth;
Dedication to the education of the whole child that supports the child’s intellectual, emotional, social, and physical maturation;
A school that embodies the best of contemporary educational knowledge, thought, and practices, including a reliance on data-driven teaching and learning in support of advancing student achievement;
A vibrant, inclusive school that embraces diversity and individuality yet shines by the devotion of students, faculty and staff, and families to their BART and home communities;
An educational experience that brings the world into BART and BART into the world; and
A strong, resilient, and multi-element financial base from which resources enable students’ academic success and professional distinction and employees’ professional development and refinement.

Full Time
Associate Degree
For the position of Paraprofessional, we seek an individual who will work as a member of cross-disciplinary teams to implement a college-preparatory, standards-based curriculum that integrates the arts and technology. The position is a 10.5 month position (mid-
August through June) with compensation that is competitive with the local market.

BART paraprofessional are skillful educators, and:
Welcome the challenge of being a paraprofessional in an organization committed to excellence;
Believe that data-driven instruction within a standards-based curriculum is a powerful way to educate students;
Believe that all students, regardless of their abilities, should leave high school with refined skills and be prepared for college;
Model themselves as continuous learners to students, parents, peers, and supervisors;
Collaborate effectively with others on curriculum, instruction, and assessment; and
Believe in creating a consistent environment throughout the School for discipline, classroom management, and classroom routines.


Paraprofessionals should perform all duties as appropriately requested by their supervisor, including the following:

Instructional Responsibilities
Assist individual students in performing activities initiated by teachers;
Assist in monitoring supplementary work and independent study;
Reinforce learning in small groups or individually while the teacher works with other students;
Observe learning difficulties of students, chart their progress, and report findings to the special education teacher and classroom teacher;
Carry out tutoring designed by the classroom or special education teacher;
Provide assistance with individualized program materials;
Implement accommodations as outlined in students' IEPs; and
Contribute to team process by providing data and anecdotal information prior to team meetings.

Behavioral Management Responsibilities
Play a focused role in supporting, reinforcing, and advancing the educational experience of students with behavioral, social emotional, and academic needs;
Provide individualized assistance and instruction to students through one-on-one or small group activities in order to maximize student learning in general education classrooms; and
Collaborate with the Student Support Team to implement behavioral plans.

Monitoring and Supervision Duties
Supervise students in the hallways, lunchroom, library, outside, or on field trips;
Assist the classroom teacher and/or special education teacher with crisis problems and behavior management;
Proctor MCAS and all other assessments, as needed; and
Fill in as a substitute teacher for classroom teachers who are absent.
Two years of college education or more preferred
At least two years of classroom experience or equivalent experience is preferred
Experience working with students exhibiting challenging behavior
A strong commitment to working with students in a professional manner
Comfort in handling emotional and behavioral issues
A team player
Commitment to the success of all children
Demonstrated success in collaborative work environments

Those who can see themselves as a Paraprofessional educator at BART Charter Public School should send a résumé, cover letter, and full contact information for three professional references to The cover letter should be addressed to BART’s Executive Director, Dr. James White. Applications will be reviewed as they are received, and candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

BART Charter Public School is an equal opportunity employer. BART does not discriminate in admission to, access to, treatment in, or employment in its services, programs or activities, on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, homelessness, or age. For more information about BART and its programs, please visit