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The Children's Study Home
44 Sherman Street


Company Description:
Our Mission:

The Children’s Study Home is dedicated to partnering with families by providing innovative and educational programs and services that strengthen children and families; empowering them to succeed at home, within the community, and throughout life.

About Us:

The Children’s Study Home serves children, adolescents, and families with special needs throughout the Pioneer Valley and Cape Cod areas. The children we serve are often struggling to cope with behavioral, psychiatric, and cognitive issues related to the experiences they have survived. Our staff assesses their needs and develops individualized service plans that foster recovery, growth, and wellness.

Where we Work:

The Children’s Study Home serves children and families throughout Western Massachusetts and Cape Cod areas. Additionally, we serve children referred from Central Massachusetts as well as the Metro Boston area.

Our Partners:

We are proud to work closely with the Departments of Children & Families (DCF), Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE), and Early Education & Care (EEC) to serve children and families in need. We also work with local public school districts seeking Special Education for their students.

Additional Business Name: Mill Pond School

Job Title:
Middle School Teacher
Salary Range:Location:
Job Type:Category:
Full TimeEducation/Training
Education Level:Work Experience:
Some High School Coursework
Massachusetts Department of Education Middle School Teacher's License or Special Education License - Preference: Required

Provide education and behavior modification approaches in a small class, highly structured alternative school. The special education teacher will function as a member of a treatment team, which will address the educational, and emotional/behavioral needs of the students as set forth in the IEP and in the treatment plan. This is a twelve-month position.


1. Work to modify seriously emotionally handicapped behavior of up to 10 students.
2. Understand and employ various therapeutic methods in bringing about change in inappropriate behaviors including behavior modification and contingency contracting.
3. Develop a working relationship with each student where limits are clearly identified and expectations are positive.
4. Organize and manage a highly structured classroom environment.
5. Be responsible for each student throughout the school day providing close supervision and monitoring at all times.
6. Work cooperatively with the Associate Director of Educational Services in all matters concerning students and parents.
7. Look for guidance and leadership from the Associate Director of Educational Services in working with individual students.
8. Provide clear, concise reports, including intervention methods already employed, when seeking the aid of the Associate Director of Educational Services.
9. Develop and operate a total academic program geared to each student’s individual level.
10. Keep daily lesson plans on each student specifically listing activities to be covered in major subject areas. Plans will also include all other activities with time and locations clearly identified.
11. Discover each student’s appropriate levels by the use of standardized testing or teacher made diagnostic tests.
12. Manage an in-depth language arts program with strong emphasis on reading and writing.
13. Has awareness of reading skills known and those specific skills being worked on weekly for each student.
14. Provide up to 30 minutes of reading instruction with teacher or aide daily to be followed by written independent reinforcement work.
15. Take an active role in the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process and work to ensure that IEP’s are current and are being followed.
16. Be aware of each student’s strengths and weaknesses and be able to knowledgeably discuss their learning methods, skills learned.
17. Be fully aware of resources within the school, the school system and the community to help in reaching the goals.
18. Utilize/perform appropriate and approved therapeutic restraints when deemed necessary.
19. Attend staff meetings as directed.
20. Demonstrate a continued awareness and commitment to cultural diversity, religious and personal values, and traditions of persons served and their families in order to accomplish the mission of the organization.
21. Participate as a member of the professional treatment team.
22. Demonstrate and awareness and knowledge of Agency policies, practices and procedures and to adhere to the
rules and regulations of the Agency.
1. Requires a Bachelor’s degree with teaching certification or certification eligible.
2. Requires valid Special Education Certification, or Middle School Teaching Certificate. All Certifications must be through the Massachusetts Department of Education.
3. Requires experience with children with emotional/behavioral challenges.
4. Requires good communication skills, both oral and written.
5. Requires a current valid driver’s license.

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